Opportunity to join NASO

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Last year over 30 WMSOA members took advantage of a bulk purchase through WMSOA to join the National Association of Sports Officials (NASO). There are many reason on why to join. Please click on this link…www.naso.org/member-benefits/) to find why more members are joining each year. Probably the number one reason is the General Liability Insurance Protection that is offered on in our Titanium Package we have chosen.

With our bulk purchasing ability, members are able to join for just $84 year (this is $32 off the list price of $116. ) For those members who joined last this past year (January 2020), you will be sent your renewal in your WMSOA billing.

For those wanting to join, please contact John Crumb ([email protected]) and request a sign up form for NASO membership.

All payments must be received by WMSOA by January 1, 2021 in order to be part of the WMSOA NASO group.


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