NISOA Pre/Post Game

Pre-Match Preparations

CENTER REFEREE: Contact institution 72 hours prior to scheduled match start and confirm date/time site.  Then contact assistant referees.

ASSISTANT REFEREES:  If haven’t been contacted by center referee 48 hours prior to game start, contact center.  (WHAC assignments-if no contact from center by 24 hours prior, call Kim Vieira via phone)

OFFICIALS TEAM: Arrange to meet at site or travel to site TOGETHER.  Be on field no less than 30 minutes before scheduled start time.  This is when your jurisdiction begins.  STRONGLY RECOMMEND 45 minutes!  Arrive as a team.  Look like a team.

CREW WARMUP: Be ready.  Get physically ready as inconspicuously as possible.  Jogging from touch to touch at half line is OK.  Do as a team!  Additional stretching should be done in a less visible area.

INSPECTIONS: Field of play, goals, nets, corner flags, field markings, bench area, score/timer tables/areas.

INTRODUCTIONS: Introductions with coaches…AS A TEAM!  Collect rosters from both teams and check game balls. Confirm procedures and duties with site personnel.

PREGAME WITH YOUR CREW! (Typical timeline below):

  • 60:00: Team warmups begin.
  • 45:00: Officials arrive. Conduct pregame (described above).
  • 15:00: Team rosters exchanged.
  • 10:00: Officials and team captains meet for pre-game conference and coin toss.
  • Teams clear the field.
  • Introduction of players and officials.
  • National Anthem.
  • 00:00: Match begins.

Post-Match Responsibilities

  • Meet as a team on field away from players.  Should be pre-determined.
  • Confirm all bookings, goals, times, cautions/ejections with team and player numbers.  IF ANY EJECTION-call assigner immediately after match!!  Confirm any other notable incidents.
  • Check official score sheet.  ALL 3 officials sign!
  • Leave field together.  Post match review if time permits.
  • Fill out Arbiter report.
  • Fill out NCAA/NISOA ejection report if needed.


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