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Phone numbers and e-mail addresses for most WMSOA members can be found on the ARBITER.

WMSOA Board of Directors    
President: (2020) Paul Holwerda 616-915-6840
Vice President: (2020) John Crumb 616-648-3935
Secretary: (2022) Tim Reed 616-318-1420
Treasurer: (2021)
Andrew Johnson
MAL (2019) Jim Krol 616-836-8371
MAL (2020) Mark Lundvick 616-455-5095
MAL (2021) Josh Abts 616-318-9792
Assignors Greg Pilbearm  
  Bill Wagner 616-363-4151
  Matt Koekkoek 231-730-4575
Uniforms Jamie Pilbeam 616-452-2279
Safety & Incident Reporting Paul Holwerda 616-915-6840
Rules Questions and Interpretations Greg Pilbeam 616-455-5095
Interested in becoming a Referee? Greg Pilbearm 616-455-5095
College & High School Game Assignors Greg Pilbeam 616-455-5095 High School & College(Metro Grand Rapids)
  Bill Wagner 616-363-4151 High School & College(Metro Grand Rapids)
  Matt Koekkoek High School –Grand Haven/Muskegon
MHSAA Assessor (provided and administered by WMSOA) Tom Walters 616-437-1664
WMSOA Web Site Paul Holwerda 616-915-6840


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